Hand Dryer Benefits

1. Hand Dryers Save 98% vs Paper Towel Costs

Our hand dryers achieve a 98% cost savings over paper towels. These savings are realized by eliminating the maintenance and operating costs associated with paper towels. For Example:

Example 1 – Public School
Paper Towel Usage 800 cases
Total Paper Costs $24,000
Hand Dryer Operating Costs $2,453
Payback Time 14 months
Example 2 – Restaurant
Paper Towel Usage 90 cases
Total Paper Costs $2,025
Hand Dryer Operating Costs $96
Payback Time 12 months

2. Hand Dryers Improve Hygiene

Several studies have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals on the health benefits and improved hygiene of electric hand dryers. Most experts agree that electric hand dryers provide the most sanitary method of hand drying available.

Doctors at the University of Ottawa have proposed that “the blowing of warm air may lead to an accelerated dehydration of the skin surface, thereby affecting the viability” of the microorganisms (248). Moreover, the warm air may “penetrate all the crevices in the skin, whereas absorbent towels may not reach such areas, even though the skin appears dryer” (Ansari et al. 248).

Hand dryers are so effective that researchers Meers and Leong have declared that there is “no bacteriological reason to exclude them from clinical areas” (171).

Whether Canadian Dryer hand dryers are installed in schools, restaurants, shopping centers, industries or hospitals, each individual who uses our product is guaranteed safety and satisfaction. We are confident that you will agree that electric hand dryers are clearly the best alternative in drying.

3. Hand Dryers Protect the Environment

Paper towels cannot be recycled, consume precious resources, and use excessive landfill space. Did you know 20,000 gallons of water are polluted to make 1 ton of paper towels?

By making the switch to Canadian Dryer, you will reduce pollution by eliminating tons of landfill waste and water polution. You can help the environment while reducing your costs!

A typical fast food restaurant uses 25 to 35 cases of 4,000 multi-fold paper towels annually. The results are:

  • 9 fully grown trees are cut down
  • 1,000 pounds of landfill waste is generated (Paper towels can NOT be recycled.)

Paper mills must cleanse the pulp with chemicals. A single treatment is capable of polluting 20,000 gallons of water.

Paper towels can be made from recycled materials but cannot be recycled. Therefore, we need to avoid using them whenever possible to keep from adding to our landfills and depleting our natural resources.

4. Hand Dryers Keep Washrooms Clean

No one wants to walk into a washroom with garbage cans overflowing with paper towels, littered all over the floor, or stuffed in overflowing toilets. Canadian Dryer hand dryers help you reduce valuable employee time otherwise spent monitoring and cleaning up washrooms while keeping the environment clean and improving overall hygiene.

All of Canadian Dryer’s hand dryers are virtually maintenance free and provide a green, energy-efficient, sustainable and hygienic hand drying experience that customers and employees alike will appreciate, all the while saving you money.

5. Our Hand Dryers Are Maintenance-Free

Canadian Dryer offers the only full line of maintenance-free hand dryers in Canada. Our hand dryers are always on and ready 24/7. The maintenance-free and vandal resistant design reduces maintenance costs and headaches. No more paper-littered floors, stopped up drains, or empty paper towel dispensers.